What We Do

Glomesdal is a historically accurate representation of Viking peoples. There are no horned helmets, fur vests or leather armor on display here. We stick close to the archeological and historical sources. But we make it fun!

Our events are family-friendly. And we welcome anyone's participation, regardless of religion, gender or ethnicity.

Living History

Glomesdal Vikings enjoy talking with the public while going about their daily chores of spinning, weaving, cooking, woodworking, etc.

Steel Combat

We engage in display combat for entertainment. Members who participate in this area go through extensive training and safety testing. We use the rules adopted by the Vikings of North America.

School Visits

We enjoy talking with kids about the exploits of historical Vikings and the realities of life in the Viking age.

hand-spun wool

Our Recent Events

A few of our recent adventures and upcoming events.

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