Viking living history, Oklahoma Viking reenactment, steel combat

Glomesdal Viking Lethang
The Vikings, North America

Glomesdal is a Viking age reenactment group centered in Oklahoma and Arkansas. We pursue living history and the arts and crafts of the Viking period from 793 to 1066 (Lindisfarne to Hastings). We recreate this era to further our own understanding and appreciation of the challenges. And we seek to educate others in the realities of life in the time period.

Our name has a special meaning to people in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In the Ouachita foothills near Heavener, Oklahoma, there is an ancient monument today known as the Heavener Runestone.

The Glomesdal Lethang was formed in 2003 to give a name to a group of medievalists who have been reenacting together for nearly ten years. We participated in the UK reenactment of the Battle of Hastings in 2000 as the Normani Rubricae. Since then, we have continued to pursue higher and higher standards for our kit and gear.